Monday, 18 April 2011

Start the new term with the best ever lunch boxes!

Welcome welcome to my blog and the first ever entry! I am sooooo very excited to be finally up and running, it was quite a challenge to decide what to blog about first as I'm positively bursting with things to share! I figured though, I'd start at the begining- ways to make life easier in getting this scrummy food out to the kids, even when they're at school!

My eldest daughter Fia, takes a packed lunch to preschool. At first this caused me great alarm- what was I going to pack? No sandwiches and chocolate bars in this house, they were used to salads and other fresh delights!

The other worry was what kind of a lunch box she'd have. I try not to use plastic. We are down to two lonely little Tupperware now- the rest has been replaced with glass and ceramic containers- still, not such a great idea for a preschoolers lunch container! I was at first baffled as to what to do.... THEN I discovered PlanetBox. The best lunch box EVER. Seriously. It's made totally of stainless steel, has separate compartments to keep your foods from leaking, and if you buy the package deal, it comes with two stainless steel pots great for yogurt, salads etc, and a handy carry case too! Best of all, in Fia's opinion, it has funky magnets which you can decorate the box with, fabbo indeed. The slight drawback is that it is pricey ($59.95 for the complete package), and as of yet not available in the UK, though they do ship from the states.

I am very lucky to have the best mother-in-law in the world, who also happens to live in the states, and she kindly bought and shipped us one over! Now for anyone thinking 'I'm not about to ship in a lunch box from the States- has Ellie lost her mind?!' I can see where you're coming from. But this box has solved all our lunch problems, you can pack the healthiest lunch possible in this baby, and its gonna last a long, long time, much longer than your average plastic box.....AND its Eco friendly (less waste) and non toxic so safe for your little one. I highly recommend it. If however you are still dubious, I have found stainless steel Tiffin Tins to be another fab (and cheap) option- we got a kid size one for £6.99 on ebay) and there are some great bento style boxes out there too, so all is not lost! Also def worth checking out are Lunchbots which are stainless steel lunch boxes with dividers and you can also buy stainless steel pots for yogurts etc to go with them. 

 For both the girls water containers, we use a non toxic eco stainless steel bottle from 'Onegreenbottle'. They're fab although there are others on the market that are also great. What I really love about this make, is the great choice in bottle caps, and the cute new design they have out especially for kids (one little green bottle)- which I have no doubt we'll be upgrading to at some point in the not too distant future.....