Thursday, 5 May 2011

A lunch that looks like many others...... but has added punch!

This morning I was feeling a bit lazy. It was one of those mornings when I want to lounge around, drink tea and take things slow. Usually I've been organised and started prep for Fia's lunch the night before, but last night I hadn't..... ooopsy.
So I prepared a super quick lunch, using a bit of leftovers from dinner and making a nutritious but speedy sandwich. These kind of lunches are great if you're in a rush, and also if you're new to introducing raw and super foods into the family's diet. It doesn't look too far different from what is considered a regular packed lunch, but it is totally packed with goodness, a quick lunch that I don't need to feel guilty about sending her to Pre-school with!
I find it useful to stock up the store cupboard with healthy crisp and cookie alternatives, not for every day, but for days just like today!

In Fia's lunch today was:

A sandwich made from additive and sugar free wholemeal bread, filled with Able and Cole's delicious organic houmous, roast butternut squash (from dinner last night) and avocado.

Biona brand, quinoa and rice oregano snacks

A homemade sugar free spelt mini muffin (made 2 days ago- I made a big batch for occasions such as these!)

A salad of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives and mint

Plain yogurt with flax seeds and some blueberries

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