Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Goji a day!

It's been a while since I posted, I apologise, I've had such a lot on! I was away for a few days for my brothers wedding, which was beautiful, then we had an awesome day at VegFest in Bristol, then we were at Blenheim Palace for the 'Taste of Summer' event.....PHEW! I am actually exhausted, in a good way though, but am definitely ready to slip back into normality now.

I've been holding off talking about my beloved goji berry for a while. Mainly because I'm worried I just won't do it justice, but also just not knowing where to start. Equally, I don't want you guys to feel like I'm giving you a nutrition class, though I do love to talk about nutrition, as most of my friends would attest to! Anyways, I really do want to share some great info on this pretty little berry; I hope you find it interesting!

Goji Berries are probably the second most popular thing in our house, after cacao. We buy them organic and dried, I have never seen them fresh locally and I'd certainly buy them if I could!

These delicious and chewy little berries have a flavour unlike any other berry - they are totally delicious - if you haven't tried them before, go grab some! They are a great source of protein, packed with minerals and antioxidants and therefore have many health giving properties. I'd put them in my top 5 superfoods and we try to eat them on a daily basis.

To quote the amazing David Wolfe in his book 'Supefoods. The food and medicine of the future' (he'll say it better than I ever could!), goji berries:

"boost immune function, increase alkalinity and vitality, provide liver protection, improve eye sight and blood quality, deliver anti-aging compounds, and possess a number of outstanding qualities."

And really, that is just the tip of the iceberg! If you'd like to know more I recommend grabbing a copy of this book, it is a wealth of knowledge, I refer to it frequently, or you could just email me and I'd be happy to talk about them in great detail!

Another bonus is that they are such a  versatile and tasty ingredient, that it is actually enjoyable eating them everyday and children naturally adore them! Here are some of our favourite ways to enjoy them:

Sprinkled into muesli
Added to raw brownies
Eaten as a quick and delicious snack just as they are
Re hydrated in water for half an hour and then blitzed into a green or fruit smoothie
In salads and pilafs
They can also be used as a raisin substitute in any of your regular recipes for biscuits, cookies and muffins. Any recipe where a raisin can go, the goji can go and do it better!

One of the ways we eat them frequently is in a beautiful trail mix, perfect to take out and about, with loads of goodness to sustain the kids on day long outings!

In my trail mixes I try to add as many raw ingredients as possible, including sunflower and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, dried mulberries, cashews (not technically raw due to the heating to remove the skin, however buy the un-roasted variety) and raw cacao nibs! Mix the quantities of each to your taste, I tend to use equal amounts of each.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration on how to include goji berries into your family's diet, I'd love to hear what recipes you come up with, I have a little goji number planned for tea so I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

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