Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Introducing..... The Macaccino! - For those days when you fancy a coffee house brew

I know alot of people enjoy a coffee house tipple. Cappuccino, mochaccino, latte, and all the other sweet, frothy drinks that are out there. They do smell delicious and they look so pretty, it is easy to see why they're so tempting. I read once that the smell of freshly brewed coffee can help sell a house, so great is its power!

While I'm not saying coffee is evil or should be banished forever, it probably isn't a great idea to drink a coffee house beverage everyday (they are high in calories of the wrong kind!) and I also like to consider the nutritional power of everything I eat and drink. Personally I made the decision to only consume foods which nourish me which means take-away blended drinks are out! Luckily for me you can get some pretty delicious herbal teas in most coffee houses (Starbucks do a jasmine and orange one I am crazy about) but I thought it would be really fun to replicate a rich caramely coffee house drink at home, with all the taste of the traditional variety, but without the refined sugars, the caffeine and with added superfood goodness (bonus!).

And thus the Macaccino was born....

I am pretty sure this is the worlds first ever Macaccino, remember you heard it here first people!

I decided on maca in this recipe as it has a delicious caramely scent and taste. Be careful though, this root is a relative to the radish and if you use even a little bit too much, it totally overpowers anything it is in, and tastes quite bad. I'm not kidding. So with this recipe, stick with the amount I recommend! It is super rich in minerals, fatty acids and contains vitamin B1 & B2 (important for vegetarians/vegans) all the essential amino acids. It is said to help balance hormones and improve libido (a perfect valentines morning drink then? ;) )

To capture a really authentic tasting drink without compromising in quality, we use whole organic and unhomoginised milk. This milk has higher omega 3 levels than standard milk, meets higher welfare standards and has not gone through the harmful process of homoginisation making it the perfect choice. You can of course use any milk you like, almond would work extremely well, adding an extra sweetness to the drink.

Macaccino (serves 2)

2 cups of milk (500ml)
1 cup of water
1 flat tsp maca
2 1/2 heaped tsp instant roasted chicory or dandelion drink
6-8 drops of vanilla stevia (or 1/2 tsp alcohol free vanilla extract)
Sweetener of choice to taste* (xylitol, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar and brown rice syrup all work well)
Cocoa powder for sifting

In a small saucepan, bring the milk and water to a rapid simmer.
While this is coming to the simmer, add to a blender the rest of the ingredients, except for the cocoa.
Add the heated milk and water to the blender and blend on high until frothy and well combined.
Pour into cups and decorate by sifting the cocoa powder over the frothy top.

* Note, if using the vanilla stevia, you'll want to use much less sweetener. Also brown rice syrup is not as sweet as others so you may need to use more of this (around 1- 2 tbsp)


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    1. Ah you guys your products look fab! Would love to try but am in the UK. Are they available here? :)