Sunday, 5 February 2012

Banana Ice cream in the best juicer ever....(frosty food for a frosty day!)

 April 2016- Update! I'm still working my way through my older recipes on the look out for bee products and eggs which I used up until 3 years ago. This recipe mentions bee pollen. As a Vegan, I cannot recommend that we use bee products, as ethically it itsn't sound. I recommend that for sprinkles you try cacao nibs which are amazing! Will be updating this recipe shortly. With love.

We've got snow! The girlswere up early and jumping on our bed they were so keen to get outside! So today we got to make snow men and snow angels and have snow ball fights, and make a fab snow man! It was all very fun and totally enjoyed seeing how excited the girls were (and our cat Chaak who went a little insane and wasn't sure if he should attack it or eat it).

My recipe today is carrying on with the frozen theme - home made banana ice cream - made in our amazing juicer!

We have a Samson 6-in-1 juicer and it really is marvellous. First of all you can juice in it. Obviously. But this juicer is a slow speed single auger, masticating juicer. In other words, it juices so gently that it results in a higher quality juice with less oxidation, therefore expanding the life of your juice!

It juices fruit and veg and even tougher things like wheatgrass. You can make nut butters in it, puree baby foods, make sauces, make pasta, frozen sorbets and Ice creams and with the extra optional attachment make cold pressed oils. How is that for value for money? It is (perhaps) my favourite thing in our kitchen!!

To make vegan 'Ice cream' in the juicer is really very simple and you only need 1 ingredient. How brillaint is that? It is almost too simple to declare it as a recipe, but also simple enough it would be mean to keep it to myself! So here's what you do.....
First of all you need frozen bananas. Peel and chop them into pieces and freeze overnight, or for a few hours until hard. Remove them about 5 mins before you want to make the 'Ice cream' to soften ever so slightly. After the 5 mins, you just run them through the juicer and it comes out like creamy delicious ice cream. It is such an amazing treat and takes no time at all to make.

For a good sized serving, allow 1-2 bananas per person. You can top it with anything you like, fruit purees work very well, but if you're in a rush, do as we do and sprinkle with a little raw blackcurrant powder and some bee pollen. The blackcurrant gives a delicious tang as well as being a huge source of vitamin C (great for the winter) and adding to the healthiness of the pudding. The bee pollen freezes on contact with the frozen banana and becomes super crunchy, just like a sprinkle! Only healthier, and actually tastier :) Try it out next time you fancy a treat and see for yourself!

It is totally possible to make banana ice cream without a juicer if you don't have one, just freeze as before, but leave out for about 8 mins to soften slightly. Then blend  in a food processor till smooth, but be careful not to over-do it or it will lose its ice-creamy texture!!


  1. It really is like the best ice cream!!

  2. hey ellie:)
    would you recommend another type of juicer, that is perhaps less pricey? i reeeeeaallllly want one!

  3. Hey there!

    I think that there are 3 juicers that are by far the best home juicers in terms of performance, juice preservation and value; they are the samson 6-in-1, matstone 6-in-1 and l'equip omni juicer.

    I recognise that they are a hefty investment though so not right for everyone, we use ours alot so for us it was worth the investment, but if you are only juicing occasionally, then for sure there are other options...

    Here are my suggestions :)

    Uk juicers often sell their ex-demo machines at a reduced price which is well worth checking out as you do see these models on there. They have often just been on dispaly or have only been used once or twice so a great bargin!

    The second option is to go manual! I would recommend the the 'z star' manual juicer. It works in a pretty similar way as the samson juicer, with many of the same benefits and is the manual juicer of choice for sure when it comes to wheatgrass (most manual juicers cannot handle it at all). This is also much less pricey than the electic juicers so a great option!

    Hope this has helped answer your question :)

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