Friday, 30 March 2012

Red grape and butterhead lettuce juice (to put a spring in your step!)

We're feeling rather spring-like at the moment, really it is hard not to in this beautiful weather. I have been waking up to birdsong in the mornings, there are gorgeous flowers popping up all over the garden and we have had our first visit from a butterfly yesterday, much to the girls' delight!

This is a time of great change in nature and there has been a lot of change for us too. Last week was Fia's last day at school - we have opted to home educate her and will be using Steiner kindergarten methods as a guide. I am so excited by this, we have had an amazing start so far and am enjoying this extra time with both the girls. I am sure there will be plenty of days when it is a challenge for us, but for right now, it is flowing so easily I am wondering what took us so long to do this!

One thing we have been doing this week is a lot of cooking (naturally), but the past couple of days we have been mostly making nut and seed milks and juices. Making juices is such a great way of getting children excited in the kitchen- they love choosing ingredients to make up their juice, and they always seem delighted with the whole process of turning the fruit and veggies into liquid. Juices are great this time of year, on warm days it seems we all crave the freshness and simplicity of this food, I have never seen the girls drink down green juice as they did yesterday, it was a big hit!

So in honour of spring, family and all things new, I am going to share this simple and delicious triumph of a juice: red grape and butterhead lettuce!

Red grape and butterhead lettuce (makes enough for 2-3)

400g red grapes
1 large butterhead lettuce

Put them all through your juicer and enjoy immediately!

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