Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My first ever 'What I ate Wednesday', yeay!!!

Ok so this is a reeeeeeally cool idea from Jenn over at Peas and Crayons - this is 'What I ate Wednesday' (WIAW)! Every Wednesday on her (very) fabulous blog, she gives a run down on what she's eaten on a specific day that week, complete with pictures. This doesn't have to be what she ate on that Wednesday, it is just on a Wednesday that it is revealed to the world... Alot of cool bloggers have joined in this fun game, and link up to Peas and Crayons sharing what THEY ate too, so we can all kind of spy on each other... It is SO fascinating to see what people eat, we are all rather nosey about that kind of thing, this gives the perfect excuse!

So just in case any of you are curious, here is my very first what I ate post! It doesn't look that exciting, as most of the photos are missing their salad sides or just plain missing... ahem. I was so determined to join in the WIAW fun after Jenn kindly explained how to do so in an email to me (thanks for helping me out there!), that last week I was positively bursting with excitement! Then I  completely forgot about it.... Suddenly we had reached Tuesday evening, and I'd not photographed anything in the week! I'd just plain forgotten....

I did remember just after eating Tuesday nights dinner however. Not wanting to miss out today, I decided to work with what I had leftover; there was still some pie left in the dish from dinner, and, being a little slack in cleaning the dishes department, I can at least provide you with some empty plate action from earlier in the day, which is a little more interesting than the blank spaces there would have been....!

I'll do better next week, I promise... with a cherry on top... and a photograph to prove it! ;)


large glass of water
Plain yoghurt with oats, spirulina, banana and pumpkin seeds and a cup of tea with nut 'milk'

Morning snack:

Buckwheat crispbreads with yeast extract, an apple, a big green juice (lettuce, celery and lemon)
Sorry- I don't have any evidence of this, you just have to trust me!


Green salad with olives and brown lentils, oil and vinegar, water, pictured here is all that was leftover!

Afternoon snack:

Tamari apricot kernals, cup of tulsi tea


Butternut squash and leek pie with a kamut crust, side salad, followed by pear and rhubarb crumble (with a date sweetened topping).... more water to drink :)


Cup of chicory with nut milk!


  1. I keep reading about kamut all of a sudden. Now I'm off to google to see what it is and maybe try it on my menu next week.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  2. It is a fabulous flour! It's wholegrain, full of nutrients and easier to digest than regular flour, but it's also very fine and buttery in colour which makes for lighter finishes than regular wholemeal! :)

  3. I have never heard of apricot kernals- but they look delicious! Come see some of my green smoothie recipes if you like green juice:)

  4. They are delish, I recommend them! We are big green smoothie fans here too! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. hey, it's was my first ever wiaw as well!! Cheers to that :)) I love the simplicity of your meals!! Breakfast and lunch sounds great to me as I recently started a raw food challenge! I'd love your recipe for what you do with buckwheat, I'm really loving it right now :)) Thanks for sharing what you ate!! Love your blog name btw..yay for gojis :D

  6. Cheers! And thanks for the comments :) Good luck with your raw experience, it will be an amazing adventure for you for sure! You caught me out on the buckwheat crispbreads- they were bought ones! We buy Amis make, they only contain two ingredients, buckwheat and sea salt :)