Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What I ate on our extended weekend! :)

Yet again, my memory totally failed me on this mission!

To be fair, we have had a super busy week, Will had a few days holiday so we have packed in alot of fun! At the weekend Will spoke at Europe's largest veggie event, Vegfest in Bristol, which was totally awesome. I had big ideas to photograph the food we ate for that day, but it was so yummy I ate it all before I had a chance to remember to pull the camera out.....

My dad and his girlfriend visited us on Monday, and I did remember to photograph our dinner for that day, a fabulous vegetarian Indian banquet! That was all I remembered though, starting to see a pattern here...?

Today, I managed to photograph the remains of our summery al fresco lunch, and a super duper raw ball creation, that is honestly my best ever yet, So that's gotta go in!

So, I decided to pay homage to the culinary highlights of the last few days, together they make a perfect combination! Enjoy :)

Brekkie today:

Porridge with maple syrup and ground flax, yumbo! Always a great family standby when we've not planned anything else!

Snack Saturday at vegfest:

Falafal and salad bowl, raspberry and blackcurrant smoothie.

Lunch today:

Delicious homemade mushroom, brown rice and potato burgers

Move and I'll eat you......

Snack today:

Raw date, vanilla and cardamon balls! Oh my. These taste like caramel, no kidding. Best ones yet... Too bad I just threw a bunch of ingredients together with no regard for quantities, I'll have to make them again so I can post them on here (good excuse as any!)

Dinner Monday:

A fabulous Indian feast, shared with family :) We had cauliflower and potato coconut curry, cumin roasted butternut squash, Moroccan spiced greens, spinach and cauliflower greens and brown basmati rice. Delish.


  1. Those burgers sound delicious. Do you have a recipe? I love mushrooms, so why not make them part of a healthy burger?

    The date, vanilla, and cardamom balls sound awesome too; hope you have a recipe soon! Do you use ground cardamom or add the full pods and just blend with the other ingredients?

    Happy (late) WIAW!

  2. I meant to hit the "subscribe by email" button, so I'm posting again just to make sure it works.

  3. Hey there :) Thanks! I hope to post both the burger and the cardamom ball recipes in the next week (though we have lots of Jubilee celebrations planned so forgive me if they're a little late);)

    I have this habbit of just throwing stuff together so need to remake them both a few times to get the quantities right for a recipe! I split the pods and ground up the seeds in a pestal and mortar, but it would be fine ready ground too! Thanks for stopping by, just checked out your blog and it looks great.

  4. Sounds good, no rush! I definitely do the same thing when cooking. I'll cook a meal for my wife and me and sometimes she'll really like it and say make it again, but it doesn't always turn out the same. Oh well, whatever works for us, right?

  5. Absolutely! Intuitive cooking... It's the way forward! :D

  6. The homemade burgers sound AWESOME!