Friday, 1 June 2012

Our fave drinks bottles & a picnic lunch!

We're always on the look out for non-toxic alternatives and drinks bottles are a top one as we try to avoid drinking out of plastic where we can! For us there are two makes that are by far the best around, one is a stainless steel bottle by One Green Bottle, the other is a strong glass bottle by Lifefactory.

The glass ones are the ones I really like- glass has been around as a safe storage medium for soooooo long now, and these clever people have cased their bottles in a protective silicone cover which is not only funky, but it really does work to make it 'unbreakable'. I mean we've dropped these onto a pavement before and they bounce! Awesome.  We also found that many schools are finally taking on board a healthy eating policy, so require clear water bottles sent in with children (to check they have only water and not sugar drinks); these glass bottles tick that box perfectly too which is an advantage over the stainless steel.

Check out the 9oz size, perfect for young children to take to school!

The stainless steel also has its advantages, it is lighter and the small curvy version is easier to carry around by a younger child so if you have a little one at preschool, this could be an easier option. Saying that, my youngest gets along fine with the glass, I guess it comes down to personnal choice!

These little ones are perfect for pre-schoolers!

Both companies do sippy bottles for toddlers and a range of sizes and lids so there is bound to be one to suit every preference.

They also both fit into our amazing planet box lunch box case superbly. Here is what we packed in our take out picnic lunch, really lovely idea for an outdoor lunch in the park (or school or work lunch)....

We have from left to right;  Organic plain yoghurt with sunflower seeds and raw honey, kale crisps, Wholewheat khobez flatbreads filled with hummous and salad, goji berries, tomato slices and alfalfa sprouts. :)


  1. your lunch box case is very smart! and you fill it with amazing food!

  2. Very brilliant! I hope you keep that up. The less sugared drinks, the more liquids to wash away the junk of your internal systems, the better. Same goes for the rest of your family. Stay healthy!

    Paul Franken @ American Pure Spring Water