Monday, 25 June 2012

Versatile blogger award!

Wow, this is soooooo super exciting, I have been awarded my first blogger award, The Versatile Blogger award! It was SUCH an amazing surprise today to log in and find this nomination. I cannot stop grinning now :)

So a huge thank you to Versatile Blogger award winner Aimee Gonzalez of Bargain Bites for nominating me for this award, to get a nomination is awesome, but to get one from as amazing a blogger as she, is even cooler. Check out Bargain Bites people, it is a blog that truly has something for everyone, the recipes are vibrant, delicious and inspiring.

Part of the fun of this award is that you get to pay forward the cool vibes. Upon receiving the nomination you;
  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Include a link to their site.
  • Include the award image to your post.
  • Include the award image on your blog.
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award, including links to their sites
  • Let those bloggers know they have been nominated
So here are my 7 facts about me.....
  1. My hubby and I met in the Jungle while on an archaeological dig in Belize- cool story huh?
  2. I adore cats. All cats. Cats rock.
  3. Despite keeping up my blog and being active on the web, I still have a major technology aversion, in fact it seems if you put me near and electrical device, there is a high chance I'll break it...
  4. I am a fan of art deco and the arts and crafts movement, a day in Charleston house is my idea of heaven :)
  5. I am passionate about healthy eating and holistic lifestyles, and enjoy thinking up creative ways to get children inspired in this area!
  6. I recently started yoga, it hurts.
  7. I feel blessed. I have an amazing family, two beautiful and bright daughters, a genius for a husband and great friends. As a family we strive towards living in a holistic community.
So now for the fun bit, my chance to pay it forward. These are my nominations for the versatile blogger award, blogs that I visit or follow that are inspiring, unique, fun and pretty amazing!
  1. Fragrant Vanilla Cake 
  2. Home cooking adventure
  3. Just Add Cayenne
  4. The Roasted Root
  5. Food, Fork and Good
  6. Better with veggies
  7. The Broccoli Hut
  8. Toxic Foodie
  9. A little bit of Spain in Iowa
  10. Peas & Crayons
  11. Culture THIS
  12. Quirky Cooking
  13. I heart Natural Beauty
  14. Kitchen Herb Wife
  15. Bargain Bites (ok I know they already have the award, but they deserve it!)
I'll be back tomorrow with a new recipe that I'm very proud of, so please stop by then!


  1. Ahhh congrats on your award Ellie!!!! =) And thank you!

    Ummm you guys met in Belize? In the jungle!? You totally *have* to do a post on this if you haven't already! Crazy awesome!


  2. You're welcome! Tee hee, it's pretty cool isn't it?! Though not as romantic at is sounds, he mainly threw rocks at me for the first week..... ;)

  3. CONGRATS again! You are so sweet!!!!! And well deserved award ;)

  4. Thank you for the nomination, I'm so chuffed!!! I love that you & your husband met in the jungle, such an awesome tale! x

  5. Thanks for the nomination! I just got back from a mini vacation and what a sweet surprise! I hope you have a wonderful day :D Diana

  6. My pleasure Diana! Well deserved :) x