Monday, 3 September 2012

As the Summer fades, celebrate Autumn with a pear ice lolly!

As the blazing (ahem) days of summer come to an end and the colourful crispness of autumn begins, we still have a little extra time before the freezing cold sets in to make and enjoy an Ice lolly or two. Especially one using autumnal fruits and warming spices.... The first pears are ripe and ready right now so I was inspired to create a creamy pear Ice lolly to celebrate this changing of the seasons.

Ok, so this isn't rocket science- but it is a nice flavour combination you may not have thought of for a lolly, and I need some slack at the moment - I am working on my raw fairy cake masterpiece for Fia's 6th birthday.... ;)

Pear Ice Lolly's (makes 6-10 depending on mould size)

2-3 big juicy pears- they must be super ripe, great way to use up slightly bruised pears!
1-2 cups of fresh or pre-made almond milk
1 tbsp honey (optional)
Pinch of cinnamon

Blitz together in a blender until smooth, pour into Lolly moulds and freeze for around 4 hours until set. Easy.