Monday, 24 September 2012

Bye summer, hello Wedding vow planning!

Well what a summer! We have had a holiday in a yurt, weekends away, family from abroad, visiting families in the UK, birthday celebrations, hanging out with old friends and visiting new, foraging and playing and it has all been great! Today I looked out the window at the rain and wind and realised that summer is truly over, a good excuse to put on a cosy jumper and write a little on here....

Earlier in September I mentioned working on my daughters raw birthday cake. She requested a raw chocolate cake that looked like a fairy meadow! It worked out great, though unfortunately our fairy chocolate moulds weren't so great so there were not as many fairies as we wanted, but still, it looked very pretty and she was so pleased it hardly matters. I made chocolate avocado 'mud' frosting and the 'grass' icing was made green with spirulina. The meadow was awash with edible flowers with a goji berry fairy path. It looked pretty sweet and here's a picture of the final cake in all it's glory. That saw the end of the Bedford families brithdays for this year- phew! Now time to plan a raw 10th wedding anniversary cake!

Will and I's 10 year wedding anniversary is coming upon us fast! We always said we'd renew our vows at 10 years, but boy did it sneak up on us.....

So why renew our vows you might say (actually alot of people say)?

For us, a few reasons. Our original wedding was very beautiful but not without its stresses! Will didn't arrive in the UK till just a few weeks before our wedding so he wasn't able to be involved in the planning at all - in fact I remember at one point being pretty concerned he'd even get the airfare together to come over!

It was a stressful time financially and we were without a home, staying at various family members houses while we could work out a plan. Will had just graduated and we had no money at all, we relied on the generosity of family and friends to make our wedding happen, and they pulled off some pretty impressive stuff to make it happen for us so for that we are so very greatful - but it just didn't feel very 'Ellie & Will'. And as beautiful as my dress was, even that I think didn't feel quite right somehow! I was so worried about things that I spent the whole of our wedding day with a migraine, it so bad I hardly ate and only managed a sip of the toast!

But lets not get carried away. I am not regretting the way it happened, it happened because we had amazing family and friends to help us. It happened this way because we just wanted to be married as quickly as we could so we could be together and start our life together (was slightly tricky with the 'pond' between us!). The rest of the stuff is not as important as exchanging our vows and becoming Mr & Mrs Bedford - it was all this latter part which made it special. As special as it was, we knew it would be important to do it again in a way that was exactly Ellie and Will one day.

It now seems to us there is an even bigger reason to renew our vows 10 years down the line. We have grown together as a couple, proven our love and commitment. We got through the first few years of living on pearl barley and carrot 'stoup' and come out the other end! We've reached a place more meaningful and even deeper than we were when we originally met. We've had two amazing girls who have changed us in ways we'd never have imagined and taught us so much about life. This has got to be worth celebrating right?! Back then, we we marked out our 10 year anniversary as a date for this ceremony, it also happens to be the infamous 21.12.12 - which having met in Belize studying the Maya we think is pretty awesome a date for our 10th anniversary!

So the planning starts now! We have lined up an amazing venue, which is built up on ethical values - so amazing and true to our beliefs. I'll tell your more about it when we confirm! For now lets talk about the dress....

Is it right to wear a wedding dress at a vow ceremony? The jury according to the rules of etiquette is out! Some people say yes, some say no. Most agree the dress can be pretty formal and red carpet worthy - which to me often do look like wedding dresses. A few years ago Kate Moss wore a vintage 30's silk wedding gown for a celebrity bash so I say this is quite a blurry line! I'd agree no head dress and veil, but flowers I think would work, you wear a corsage to a prom, so why not flowers at a vow renewal? Most etiquette agrees that you can re-wear your old wedding, but my dress is way too big on me now, and anyways, it doesn't feel very 'me'. Anyway, when did I ever listen to etiquette! ;)

My dress has a story, and a very cool one at that. My Mum happened upon an amazing 1930's velvet and lace dress in Sussex, just by chance. Or fate you might say. I adore the style of the 20's and 30's and love velvet so when the lady who owned the dress let mum bring it up to Oxfordshire for me to try it on (I know!) and it fit EXACTLY, my decision was pretty much made! It feels like it was made for me. I love it. My mum is so clever :)

It does have quite a bit of staining though so if anybody has tips on how to remove it, please suggest away!! The local eco dry cleaners said even regular dry cleaning would not remove stains that old so would be a waste of money, and I hear once velvet has a stain it can be doomed.... Never one to be defeated I'm sure there is a way to at least reduce the staining, and I have 3 months to find it!


  1. I think a wedding after the wedding is right whatever way you both decide it to be. Now it´s about your life together as it really is, so there should be no do´s or dont´s. Just enjoy the celebration!

  2. Thanks so much Paula! That's the way we feel :)

  3. The cake looks fab and major congrats on the 10 years! Bet it flew by! I love the story of your dress, it definitely sounds like it was made for you, like some sort of fate. I love the 20's-50's style as well, I bet it's gorgeous. Wishing you the best for the planning! =D xxx

  4. Thanks Emma! It really was- I'm quite a shorty too and even the length was exactly right. Just gotta sort this staining out. Am debating getting in a 'back-up' dress just incase it all goes horribly wrong, though I feel like I've cheated on my dress even considering this! Tee hee ;)x