Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What I ate, on a very busy Tuesday! :)

Hey all!

Welcome to my 'What I ate Wednesday' post (hosted by the fabulous Jenn at 'Peas and Crayons!') It's been a while since I did one of these, and I've been meaning to forever....

It's been a pretty busy time for us- as always right now! I am starting up my nutritional business which is needing lots of time invested, as well as looking after my girls, homeschooling and planning our 10yr wedding anniversary celebrations! Although loving being busy, you know what I did yesterday? I cheated with the food side. Totally. I called Will at work and had him stop at the Natural grocery store and buy ready meals! GASP! The horror! (This is totally my halloween angle, hehehe) Though it's not really that bad at all, we all have those days, and sometimes the 'holiday' from making the food and taking the stress off when you're busy is more important. Besides, I made garlic kale and a massive salad to go with it AND this meal is just about the cleverest thing I ever saw in the food processed world- I had to share!

It is made by this company called Amy's, we bought the black bean enchiladas. The meal does not come in a plastic dish, but a cardboard one. It is all organic and is dairy free and wheat free. The corn tortillas are made using traditional ingredients and there is not a hint of sugar or preservatives anywhere on the ingredients. Even the water used is filtered water! So I know it's not the most optimal thing to eat a ready meal, but seriously, this meal saved me last night when I was feeling overwhelmed by things to do- we all get those days sometimes!

And I had plenty of creative moments too! I also ate yesterday:

For breakfast, a green smoothie with banana, apple juice, chia seeds and the green tops of the fennel. First time I've used the fennel herb in a smoothie and it turned out perfect! Really tasty and different, with a very mild aniseed flavour to it. This is a fab halloween drink- alien slime the girls called it!

For lunch we made brown rice, mushroom and walnut burgers which were delicious! 'Why do these taste all ricey' asks Dorrie. 'Because they have rice in!' I replied. 'Ahhhh' she says all knowingly and very smug- this child has a pretty good palate already ;) I added in some leftover carrot pulp from juicing the day before and used flax to hold them together.They held, but not perfectly so this recipe needs some tweaking.

When snack time came around we cooked up a tasty treat as the girls had a friend coming over to play. We made peanut butter oat flap jacks, sweetened with honey and binded with coconut oil. Another experiment dish, they also need a little tweaking- they crumbled a bit too much, and as such weren't photo worthy- sorry!

I've started planning some healthy and all RAW halloween treats and hope to have those ready for you next week, so excited by these. Today I'm off to stock up on boxes of rasins to hand out to the kids. Although in England Trick or Treating is no way as huge as it is in the States, we live on an old US airbase and I'm pretty sure the tradition just stuck around here. We get TONS of kids calling, last year I actually ran out of rasins, then turned to our fruit bowl, then finally had to send them away empty handed with an apology! I need to plan better this year for sure....


  1. YOu have such an interesting diet, and I think the fact you're opening up a nutritional business is really really awesome!

  2. Thanks Emma! :) I am super excited about it!

  3. Those burgers sound great. Can't wait until you perfect the recipe and post it!

    Just curious, what are you going to be doing in your nutritional business? Sounds cool! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I've finished my training so starting to do consultations with an emphasis on familiy nutrition and raw foods. I also have a product and book I'm working on- so much going on, but all exciting :)

  4. Good luck w/ your nutritional business. What an exciting journey and experience :)