Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beets four ways and beet-carrot cake saves the day!

Last night I decided I was going to make an epic juice for breakfast, enough for all of us and some for tomorrow to save on time. Will and I set the alarm and we got scrubbing, peeling and chopping some 30 carrots and 30 beets! Then, a little way into the juicing, our beloved juicer went out with a bang. Literally. The plastic snapped and the force of the veggies shot the juicing attachment out like a cork!

We bought our juicer second hand, so we forgave it even though I had a real 'nooooooo' moment. It was doubly forgiven when we realised we can buy new attachments rather than having to replace the whole new juicer (which wouldn't have been so fun this close to Christmas)... phew!

But this left me with rather a dilemma... What to do with an enormous pile of prepped veg?

After a nifty suggestion from a friend we decided on a big batch of slaw, but that barely put a dent on it! We were going to make soup (another fab suggestion from a friend) but the girls protested as I made soup for lunch yesterday. So I did a bit of searching and came across a fab recipe for carrot and beet cake on the net.

You can see the original recipe here, but I played with it a little to make it refined sugar free. I also made some other changes, using spelt flour instead of regular, reducing the amount of oil (and I used extra virgin olive), sunflower seeds instead of nuts and I upped the vegetable content a bit (I mentioned the batch of juice was to be ginormous right?). We also used a delicious Belgian spice mix called 'Speculaas' that we were given from a wonderful friend in place of the mixed spice- they are very similar in taste so either will work out just fine! The basic amounts are the same so I really cannot take credit for this delicious cake but i'm sure glad I found this recipe to play with- this beet-carrot cake saved the day!

Beetroot and Carrot Cake

2 flax eggs
1 mashed banana
180ml extra virgin olive oil
30ml (2 tbsp) nut or oat milk
100ml organic rice syrup
150g grated carrot
150g grated beetroot
225g whole spelt flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 tsp speculass (or mixed spice)
100g sunflower seeds
1/4 tsp fine sea salt

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
In a large bowl, cream together theflax eggs, rice syrup and oil until light and frothy. Add the milk, grated vegetables, flour, bicarb, sunflower seeds, salt and spices and stir to mix. Pour into a lightly greased cake tin and bake for around 40mins until golden brown, or test with a cocktail stick to check the mixture is cooked through.

Leave to cool for 10mins before turning out on a rack to finish cooling. I topped the cake with organic marscapone cheese sweetened with a little stevia and sprinkled over some goji berries, but you could serve it up as it is with some plain organic yoghurt on the side and it would taste just as delicious!

SO there it is, a yummy way to use up grated beets and carrots! The coleslaw turned out well too AND we had them roasted alongside our veggie burgers for dinner....So thats a grand total of beets and carrots four ways today (including the small glass of juice we made before the big bang!).

Recipe for the veggie burgers to follow very shortly so stay tuned!

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  1. You can always find good use for veggies.
    It looks like it all turned out into great yummies.
    Same thing happened to my mixer, I finally decided to get a professional grade.

  2. Thanks! I am with you on that- I think when you cook this much it makes sense to invest in the profesional grades, will be checking the sales in Jan! :)