Tuesday, 15 January 2013

carrot & apple pulp, buckwheat skinny pancakes!

We often have pancakes for brekkie at the weekends, and our favourite are the traditional skinny kind topped with lemon and coconut palm sugar or honey... Still, we don't get to have this kind too often as I am far too lazy to spend an hour at the stove, cooking one at a time, it just takes forever!  The plus side of this is that it just makes them all the more special when we do have them.

This weekend I had some apple and carrot pulp left over from juicing and was about to mix up a thick drop scone style pancake batter to use it in, when I realised I'd never tried the veggie pulp in the skinny kind.... So, excited to play with a new pulp recipe, I decided to experiment and the result was absolutely delicious. Sooooo delicious. Now that I have a skinny pancake recipe that makes use of that leftover veggie pulp, there will be no more excuses, I will definitely make these more often.

I make skinny pancakes with all sorts of flours; kamut, spelt and wholewheat, whatever I have in the cupboard. For a traditional French crepe style pancake, and one that is also gluten free, I often use buckwheat flour. Personally, this is also my favourite flour for skinny pancakes as I love that slightly nutty flavour it gives them.

But before we get on to the actual recipe, I'd just like to put something out there about pancakes... Is it just me or does anybody else find the first pancake nearly always doesn't work out? And this only seems to apply to skinny ones, not the American or drop scone thicker ones. That first pancake is really quite a challenge; it sticks, it breaks up, it looks anaemic in colour... I never get that first pancake perfect! But I have found a couple of tricks that help it come out pretty darn close...

  1. Let the batter sit for around 20-30 mins - something in the resting of the batter helps it to stay together when it comes to cooking!
  2. If you use a cast iron skillet, heat the pan a good 5mins before cooking the first pancake. I find this encourages the first one to remain as stick free as possible. You probably don't have to do this step if you are using a non stick frying pan...

2 cups buckwheat flour (about 500g)
800ml of filtered water
2 cups (500ml) of milk of choice (I like almond)
1 flax egg*
Pulp from 2 apples
Pulp from 2 carrots
Pinch of fine sea salt

A little coconut oil for frying.

Pour the flour into a large bowl and add the sea salt. Make a little well in the middle and add the flax egg. Add a little of the water and beat. Pour in the remaining water and the milk and whisk until there are no lumps, leave the batter to sit for at least 20mins, an hour is even better.

Heat the pan to a medium-high heat.Add a little knob coconut oil and swirl around the pan to coat. Take a ladle full of the batter, pour into the pan and gently tilt to evenly coat the bottom. Cook for a couple of minutes until you start to see lots of bubbles in the batter. Flip the pancake and cook for around 30-40 seconds more on the other side.

Serve with freshly squeezed lemon and a natural sweetener of your choice!

*Flax egg is made by mixing 1tbsp ground flax, to 3 tbsp water and letting it sit for a few minutes to thicken up.

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