Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What I ate Wednesday- It's been while!

So excited to do a What I Ate Wednesday post- it has been waaaay too long!

Nothing fancy this week, just straight up what I ate yesterday. It was a pretty cool day though, the girls wanted to be all TV chef (They are actually obsessed with watching Diners, Drive in's and Dives, (even though they get a little excitable and tell Guy off for eating too much sugar -  they seriously shout at the tele!)) and begged me to let them make a video. They wanted to do a smoothie and Fia pretty much decided on what to put in it all by herself herself. The smoothie is pretty similar to what I make for them, though Ill usually add a little hemp protein and bee pollen too.... Check it out here on my facebook page!

The rest of the day was pretty simple foods here they are in technicolour!

I made an super energy boosting carrot, celery, lettuce, lemon and ginger juice for brekkie- I gulped it down before I photographed it, this is the best I could do! ;)

For lunch I had more of the delicious raw 'tuna inspired' salad that I made at the weekend, seriously this is one amazing filling!!

As a snack we made cabbage crisps (No kale left!). We used the thick outer dark greeny-purple leaves and they were actually really tasty, I'd definitely make them again.

 Of course we all enjoyed some of the girls yummy carob smoothie in the afternoon!

For dinner I had aubergines and potato in a fennel and tomato sauce with broccoli and quinoa, and a lovely cup of yogi tea!

So there it is, a fun day with my budding Chef's, hope you enjoy!


  1. Ellie everything looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing <3

  2. Having a slight problem loading the video of the girls to my fb page.... keep checking in though!!! :)