Thursday, 13 June 2013

The simplest things are the greatest- lemon, cucumber and thyme water

When the sun is shining down (if you're in the UK right now, just pretend) and you're sitting out in your garden, there is nothing better than some lemon, cucumber and thyme water to quench your thirst! Not only does it look super pretty (and appeals to children) it also tastes amazingly refreshing. Drinking this brings with it the memory of pimms, without all the sugar and alcohol!

There are also health benefits to this simple drink. The lemon and cucumber are said to aid detoxing and cleansing in the body, they also help to re-nutrient (I may have made this word up) filtered tap water (handy if you can't find spring water) making it more hydrating for the body. Adding in the medicinal benefits of herbs like thyme boosts the goodness of this drink even further as well as creating a new depth in flavour. You can get really experimental too- mint works well, and for a truly exotic summer drink that children will adore, try adding some sliced strawberries or water melon!

To create this drink, fill up a jug of filtered or spring water and add slices of cucumber, lemon, fruit if you're using and a sprig or two of herbs. I like to make up a jug in the morning so that the flavours have time to develop during the day- you could also leave this overnight in the fridge. Cheers to Summer!