Monday, 15 July 2013

Spicy kefir and pear smoothie!

Well, after three rubbish Summers here in the UK, i'm pleased to announce that Summer has finally arrived! We've even reached the 30's- how about that for hot?! It's been so lovely and we've been blessed with so many enjoyable days out including an AMAZING Rolling Stones concert with my Dad in Hyde Park- best concert ever!

So while I'm enjoying the long awaited hot weather, I'm just not in the mood for cooking at all. We've been having a ton of salads, smoothies and really simple meals which has just been perfect.

This morning I made a super creamy smoothie for the girls breakfast using kefir, pears and ginger. They both really enjoyed it, although Fia did think that adding some cacao or carob would have made it better. I think that girl has a serious obsession for chocolate smoothies!
We love to use coconut kefir (which you can now buy at Holland and Barrett) but you could also make water kefir, using maple syrup to sweeten.

To make this recipe completely vegan, replace the bee pollen, with sprinkle of raw cacao nibs or chia seeds!

Kefir & pear smoothie
Serves 2

2 large pears, skin on
1-2 tbsp of Udo's, Flax or hemp oil
2 cups of coconut kefir
1 tbsp bee pollen, chia seeds or cacao nibs
1-2 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup
2 tbsp raw rice protein powder
3 drops of pure ginger extract (make sure it is sugar free!) or to taste

Blend until creamy and delicious!

Veganized Feb 2015.


  1. I'm really loving smoothies at the moment - I sometimes juice some apples and pineapple and blend it with avocado and honey. This one sounds lovely, where did you get bee pollen from?

    1. Hey :) That sounds delish, love avocado in a smoothie, sooooo creamy! We get our bee pollen from an amazing shop in Cheltenham near my hubbys work called the natural grocery store. Luckily they have online shopping too!