Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Good Hemp seed review

This is the first of what I hope to be many reviews. There are some amazing brands out there making such wonderful products and I am excited to be sharing these with as many of you as possible (and I can already tell I'm going to have great fun doing it too!)

So, we're off to a pretty good start with a brand that I'm no stranger to... Good Hemp!

Good Hemp are an awesome company. They make a variety of products from hemp including seeds, oil, milk and protein powders. Hemp does not require the heavy use of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides and there are many uses for the whole plant from food to building materials making it a hugely sustainable crop. Hemp is certainly a crop for the future and one I'd like to see more of.. I also LOVE that Good Hemp grow all their hemp in the UK which is great news if you're concerned about your carbon footprint!

They very kindly sent me a variety of goodies to review, this week I'm reviewing both the original and the Italian seed varieties to review which had me jumping for joy as I had never tried the flavoured seeds before! Stay tuned for my reviews on their milk and oil.

Original hulled hemp seeds
These (like all varieties of Good Hemp's seeds) come ready shelled which is pretty handy, and in a re-sealable pot to help keep them fresh. They have a very light nutty flavour and creamy texture and are amazing blended into smoothies and elixirs. We also added them to our museli and they went down a treat with the girls.

Italian flavour hemp seeds
Try the Italian herb seeds on pasta as a vegan alternative to Parmesan. OMG. Amazing. Really. The slight nuttiness of the hemp still comes though and is not overpowered by the herbs, and you can really taste all the herbs. These seeds would also taste amazing on salads, vegan pizza, pretty much any kind of pasta I can think of, in falafel mixes, on potato wedges, kale crisps, or go ahead and eat them right off the spoon which is how my youngest daughter asked for them.

The other seed flavours available are Asian spices and sweet cinnamon and I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for those- I can already imagine the sweet cinnamon sprinkled over raw vanilla ice cream.... Mmmmmm.

You can buy their products in health stores or online at  www.GOODHempNutrition.com

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