Tuesday, 27 August 2013

lettuce and spring onion tart

I love quiche, but as you guys know I try to eat as close to a 100% plant based diet as possible. Now and again I slip up along the way, but for the main part I succeed! The usual version of a vegan quiche is made it with tofu, but as we don't eat tons of tofu, I went online to search through some of my favourite blogs to see what else is out there.

I didn't have to look for long when I came across this entry for mexican crustless chickpea quiche on 'Sprint 2 the table' and I was totally intrigued. Laura uses a chickpea style batter (similar to socca) for the filling which (in my opinion) is no short of genius! By the way, if you guys haven't checked this blog out, please do, its full of amazing, healthy and delicious inspiration,you'll love it.

The original version is crust-less but I really fancied a traditional quiche/tart feel to the dish so I made mine with a gluten free crust (with some thrown in carrot pulp for extra goodness). The filling was dictated by the contents of my fridge (we have so much lettuce, we're gonna look like lettuce) and I felt a little decadent so I used some vegan cheese too. I don't use it often and I definitely see it as a special occasion food, but now and again I think what the heck and go to town with it. I have discovered a lovely brand called vegusto that is soy and gluten free and we really like their 'no-moo piquant' cheese.

For the crust
1 cup rice flour
1 cup buckwheat flour
1 cup teff flour
1 cup carrot pulp (optional)
A glugg of olive oil or 1 tbsp coconut oil
Pinch of sea salt
Cold water to mix

For the filling
2 cups chickpea (gram) flour
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cups of water (or veg stock)
1 head of romaine lettuce, shredded
2 spring onions, sliced
1/2 green pepper, diced
1/2 cup of vegusto cheese (optional)
Sea salt and black pepper to taste

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees.
First make the crust. In a food processor, blitz together the flours, carrot pulp, olive oil and sea salt very lightly until just mixed. Then slowly add enough cold water until it makes a dough. Turn the mix out and press into a lightly oiled flan dish until you have a nice even crust. Prick the bottom of the crust with a fork and cook for around 10 mins until very light golden.

Take out of the oven and sprinkle over the shredded lettuce, green pepper and spring onion. In a bowl mix together the chickpea flour, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper and water until smooth. Pour into the tart crust, covering all the veggies. If using, finish with a sprinkle of the vegan cheese.

Bake this for around 20-25mins until set and golden, cool slightly before cutting into slices. We enjoyed this with a lovely green salad and wholegrain mustard.


  1. Interesting with an addition crust! Did the chickpea part still form its own crust too? I love that you added romaine! I'm going to try that out next time.

    Thank you for trying it and the link back!

  2. Hey :) It didn't form it's own crust so it was really like a flan. I am making your mexican quiche next week, Yummy!