Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ombar review- delicious raw chocolate bars of goodness!

Anybody out there as much of a raw chocolate fan as I am? I adore raw chocolate. Not only do I think it tastes way better than the chocolate I used to eat (it tastes far more grown up to me, like comparing tomato ketchup to a rich chutney- no comparison!), being raw, it also retains a far higher antioxidant content which is good news.

There are a couple of brands that I prefer more than any others, Ombar is one of them. Sweetened with coconut palm sugar, a less refined and mineral rich sweetener than cane sugar (and vegan), these little bars of chocolate are hard to beat. There is quite a range to chose from including dark 72%, coco mylk, coconut 60%, strawberry probiotic, lemon and green tea, goji berry, cranberry and mandarin and acai and blueberry.
The lovely people at Ombar sent me three bars to review, the coco mylk, goji berry and strawberries and cream. These have recently been repackaged and they look beautiful.

Strawberries and cream.
The first one up is the strawberries and cream. First of all, I've got to say that I reeeally like that the chocolate pieces come in bars rather than squares- bigger pieces is a plus for me! ;)
This one is definitely my favourite of the three I was sent to review. It is super creamy yet the strawberries are tangy which stopped it from being over-sweet. It was actually very refreshing which in a chocolate bar is pretty unique. It also has the added benefit of probiotics! What's not to like?

Coconut mylk.
I feel like this new coconut milk is sweeter than it used to be before (or maybe I am going crazy), but it is much too sweet for me. I couldn't have much of this one at once however it is satisfyingly creamy and very melt in the mouth. This bar was very popular with my eldest and I think it would make a brilliant chocolate for people used to 'traditional' milk chocolate bars due to the sweetness and texture; a brilliant transition bar if you are new to the world of raw chocolate and great for children.

Goji berry. 
This was my youngest's favourite of the three and I really liked it too. They don't skimp on the goji berries (as you can see in the picture) and you get lovely whole berries embedded in the chocolate. It also has a crisp texture which I really liked. This bar is a really great dark chocolate and one I'll be buying more of.

I hope this has given you some insights into which might be right for you, go out and try some and let me know what you think!


  1. I've never tried raw chocolate... I'm really intrigued by this review - that goji one looks amazing - those massive chunks!

  2. ooooh you gotta try it, its so tasty! :)

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