Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Back with a Bonfire night bang! Vegan, refined sugar free toffee apples.

My talk 'Where the wildfoods are'

Oh dear. I've been absent for so much longer than I thought I had, I have no clue where the time goes. The start of October saw both myself and my hubby giving talks at Vegfest in London with the amazing LifeWell Wellbeing hub which was super fun! I have long been freaked out by the idea of speaking in front of people, but I guess finding the area I love to speak about made it much easier than I thought. I was still super nervous, and I was convinced I'd blunder through it messing it all up so I was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen!

Since that date we have enjoyed the company of my lovely Sister-in-law visiting from the States which has been a blast (sorry, more Bonfire Night puns!). We got to take fun trips to the Wye Valley and Wales and Sherwood forest, all sorts of adventuring. We even went to a pub that's in a cave, how about that. Not all play though, we've been working hard finishing a project that we're doing together so I've been pretty tied up. But things are calmer now and I realised how badly I've been neglecting this blog, I'm so sorry guys.

I'm starting back into the world of blogging with a bang- because it's Bonfire Night! For my non British friends the 5th of November in the UK is a day we celebrate with firework displays and bonfires, burning effigies of a bloke called Guy Fawkes. Guy back in 1605 attempted with a group of others, to blow up the houses of parliament. I'm not so sure why we pick on Guy specifically, as he wasn't even the ring leader, but every year kids make 'Guys' out of straw, old clothes and paper and we burn them on the fire. Whenever I explain this tradition I realise how gruesome it actually is, but it is my favourite celebration for so many other reasons.

In our dark cold Autumn evenings, there is nothing better than warming your hands near a big old bonfire with a cup of fragrant mulled wine, enjoying some crunchy toffee apples, steaming hot chocolate and maybe some bangers (that's sausages) with friends and family, while watching the pretty lights in the sky. These days our hot chocolate, sausages and toffee apples are of course vegan and refined sugar free wholefood versions, but just as tasty and atmospheric!

Today the girls and I made these uber tasty toffee apples and I am excited to share the recipe with you (watch out though, they're real tooth breakers!).

A little note of caution. This toffee mixture gets HOT. It will burn your skin and stays hot for quite a while. My girls like to measure out the ingredients and skewer the apples, I do the toffee making and dipping of the apples.

Toffee Apples (makes 4)

4 apples
4 wooden skewers, cut in half
1/2 cup of coconut palm sugar
2 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp coconut oil

First of all, wash and dry your apples and skewer them with the wooden sticks to make a handle, set aside.
Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a pan and heat over a medium heat, stirring constantly for about 4 minutes until thick and bubbly.
You can test if the mixture is ready by dropping a bit onto some greaseproof paper to see if it sets.
When ready, quickly dip the apples in the toffee and stand on some greaseproof paper to set. Don't worry if all your apple isn't coated, I think it actually looks more rustic and pretty this way.


  1. So glad you've posted this. LOVE toffee apples, but trying to cut back on processed sugar (hard when you live with a boy who LOVES the stuff!) shall be trying these, will let you know the verdict! Where do you get all your ingredients from? Awesome news about your talk too :)

    1. Yeay for toffee apples! I get most of the more exotic stuff (and lots of stuff actually) from The Natural Grocery Store in Cheltenham. If you're near that way I def recommend them! And if not, they have an online store too! Whoop whoop! http://www.naturalgrocery.co.uk/