About me

Hey there! I'm Ellie and welcome to my blog!

I'm a former Archaeologist turned health enthusiast, whole and raw food nutritionist, food writer, recipe development consultant and author. I am married to a great guy called Will and we have two gorgeous little girls, two cheeky cats called Chaak (I mentioned I'm a former archaeologist right? ;)) and Chia. One day I'd like to expand my cat family, but my husband has a strong concern that I'll turn into a crazy cat lady...
So how did I move from archaeology to the wonderful world of food? Well it's a long story, but one I'm proud of.
We started our journey at the beginning of 2009 when I was frustrated with feeling 'run down' and tired all the time and dealing with hormone related health problems including endometriosis, autoimmune conditions and chronic fatigue syndrome. Will was having reoccurring chest infections and the amount of bugs and infections my children seemed to be picking up, despite having what I thought was a healthy diet, was pretty frustrating.
This led me on a journey of discovery and after many many months (years even) of researching, blogging and more researching, I qualified as a raw foods nutritionist from The BodyMind Institute. Since that day I haven't looked back. We quit sugar and processed foods and the results have been astounding. My endometriosis has gone, I said goodbye to chronic fatigue syndrome and I see improvement in my health with every day. Will has not had a chest infection in years, and the girls are doing amazingly well! Of course we get sick sometimes, but it is the recovery from these constant chronic conditions which really amazed us.

As a family we have learnt a whole new way of life which changed both the way we eat and our spiritual outlook dramatically. Our diet is now filled with natural unprocessed whole foods, superfoods, raw foods and herbs. A huge part of my passion is helping other families discover and enjoy these foods, to show that it doesn't have to be daunting, and that children actually (for the most part) will love the freshness and vibrancy of the dishes - they will surprise you. The next generation is our future, and right now, they're in our hands. There is nothing more important to me than helping them grow strong in body and mind, with compassion for each other and the planet. How can this happen if we have a generation that is sick, depressed and without 'oomph'? 

My passion for working with children has led me to work with schools and youth organisations running raw food workshops which are great fun! I am also the author of two children's recipe books, 'How to Eat a Rainbow: Magical Raw Vegan Recipes for Kids' and 'The Superdrink Handbook for Kids!'

So this is a blog about feeding a family in the 21st century. Here you'll find lots of tasty recipes made with natural whole food ingredients, foods you can find easily locally as well as ideas on including some pretty powerful local and exotic superfoods into the mix to add that extra punch. I will share tips on holistic family lifestyle and also healthy diets and weight loss strategies without all the calorie counting, point scoring, nutritionally restrictive and treat deprived diets which you usually find.

In the age of the Internet, we now have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and the world of food and nutrition has never been so exciting. It can also be daunting and the information contradictory. I aim to provide a little clarity based on our personal experiences as a family and my rawfoods & nutrition training.

I am constantly learning and continuing with my studies, I cannot imagine a time when I won't be. I hope this will keep this blog fun, fresh and up to date and that you truly enjoy reading it! The blog has evolved since those first days when it was mainly focused on the sugar. Over the years I came to realise that plant based was super important to me too. All my newer recipes are vegan, but the early ones do contain some dairy and eggs. I chose to leave these as I feel they make wonderful transition recipes for people, those recipes led me onto the path I am on now and I really hope they can do the same for others!


Updated December 2014

For more information on my proffesional services, including recipe development, food writing and cookery lessons, please visit my webiste www.elliebedford.com

Photo Credit Emma Lou Cowell 2014