Baked goods & breads
Apple bakewell tart
Banana bread
Beetroot and carrot cake 
Black bean brownies
Flat bread wraps
Gingerbread cookies
Gluten free cornbread 
Malt Loaf 
Oaty Pizza Bites
Soaked grain, slow rise hot cross buns
Spanish orange and almond cake 
Spelt & rye soda bread style hot cross buns 
Virtuous vegan chocolate muffins

Carrot & apple pulp, buckwheat skinny pancakes
Chia seed pudding
Chocolate chip drop scones
Millet porridge
Nut pulp pancakes
Scrambled Ackee
Superfood Guacamole on Toast

Chocolate Recipes


Main Courses

Preserves & fermented foods

Sides  & Salads
All weather raw veggie salad
Beetroot and Arame salad
Green bean salad 
Oven baked paprika, garlic & rosemary sweet potato chips
Poached Potatoes
Raw (& vegan) parmesan style 'cheese' 
Summer strawberry, beetroot and fig salad 
Tomatillo salsa
Tuna inspired salad

Smoothies, drinks & juices


Carrot soup (raw)
Sopa de ajo blanco (almond soup)

Starters, Sauces & dips